Creative Counselling

At Creative Counselling we offer counselling and creative arts-based therapies for those who are experiencing difficulties in their lives or who wish to engage more deeply with their experiences. Creative Counselling works in collaborative and innovative ways for you to discover and engage with yourself and your experiences, help you identify and develop a range of supportive strategies to enhance well-being and explore opportunities for deepening connection with your creative self. Through our support and recovery groups we also recognise the need for that connection with others who have similar experiences and that depth of relationship can be a powerful healing tool

Creative Counselling offers

Support for personal wellbeing through

  • Respectful counselling for optimum health (inc. addictions, mental health and relationship expertise)
  • Arts-based therapies (inc. individual counselling & group workshops/retreats)
  • Recovery & support groups and referrals
  • Professional development, supervision & reflective work practice for self care

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