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Am expanding abstracted pattern, circling a central shape, reminiscent of the rings of a tree.


"At the time I felt blessed to have two persons to work with, to help me find the courage to trust in a viable and enjoyable life without having to use Smoke. From my four sessions with Julie I got to see clearly my pattern, the way I go along in life, the way I enter relationship and how I behave in them. These sessions helped me to find courage and a will to stay clear of using Smoke as a way to support myself and to seek for other way to support myself in more healthy ways. I was also working with an energy healer who helped me with my addictive and patterned thoughts. I believe it was a combination of all these factors, plus the Universe that helped me have my AHA moment when it suddenly made full sense for me to change."

Raymond, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney 

Body Mind


Natalie, Inner West, Sydney.


"In 2011 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which rapidly affected the pain and severity of my cramps during my menstrual cycle each month. It wasn’t until I commenced seeing Julie Cunningham at the beginning of 2013 that I began to shift the intensity of the pain, coupled with a new dietary intake.


In our first few sessions of art therapy I began creating an awareness of past experiences, and how these experiences still played out in my day to day life choices.


 The process that Julie used with me released aspects of myself that I had previously not been aware of. Bringing these aspects to the front of mind was confronting. Julie support and reassurance through these processes allowed me to further express my thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential environment. Around this time, after realizing these pre-existing thoughts and beliefs, I noticed a dramatic difference in my menstrual cycle. The pain of bleeding lessened, and I felt as is the shift in mindset and awareness had truly affected my cycle. Over the next few months my cycle also became regular and I have now maintained a regular cycle for close to 12 months.


In the month proceeding, I was then in a position where I needed to separate from my partner. We had been seeing each other for around 6months at this stage, and my gut instinct was that things were not right for me. It was then that it became further evident that the pain from the period each month was connected to my current state of affairs and stress levels.


The journey of self-discovery and mind body connections for me was a direct outcome from my art therapy sessions with Julie. Julie’s exercises really assisted me with emotional support throughout my break-out , and provided some great strategies which I still draw upon today."



Lisa, Inner West, Sydney. 


"Engaging with the art processes makes the sessions really enjoyable and thought provoking.  I found it really helpful to be lead and guided, especially as this is what I'm always doing for others."


Noush Y 25, North Shore, Sydney


"Being my first experience of art therapy, I was unsure of what to expect. My worries were dispelled as soon as I met Julie. I was really comfortable talking with her and felt that she engaged and focussed on my story. She made me feel like she really cared as I sensed a deep understanding within her. This made it really easy for me to look at my current concerns. I felt completely safe in her presence and did not feel judged at all.  She held the space between us beautifully and allowed me to play and explore freely.

Above all, I loved the way she allowed me to own and experience my own feelings, thoughts and ideas. This allowed the emergence of my own insight and wisdom - a true gift. Through our sessions I found a deeper acceptance and connection to myself and saw my concerns in a new light. At the end of each session I found instantaneous resolution and healing. I felt her gentle guidance and warmth from beginning to end and I have been recommending her to everyone."


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