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I work with Transpersonal Art Therapy.  


"Trans" (Latin) means  “across,” “beyond,” “through”. In transpersonal therapy, like many therapies, we meet each person as a unique individual who also carries influences from their culture, family, the unconscious, friends, work and the places they live in. In transpersonal art therapy the "trans" aspect also refers to working with creative processes, stories, metaphors and symbols; which can be personal and unique to you, or arise from beyond you, from the collective.  In TAT processes we may also work with dreams, visualisations, meditation, sensing and feeling states and embodied events, in order to activate self realisation and healing. 


As Carl Jung showed, an individual's unconscious gathers imagery from the "collective unconscious". While we may be holding repressed events below our awareness, our unconscious can a great source of creativity, healing and visioning; it is the ground of the imagination. Transpersonal processes are not about "fixing" you, but about journeying with you to activate the body/mind's natural healing mechanisms through developing self awareness, self direction, resilience and your potential.


My experience is we are not alone in this work but when we seek the greater truth of who we are, that the creative life force, the source of all, responds to our initiatives. 

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